After A Year Of Divorcing My Ex Wife I Met Another 19year Old Most Beautiful Ghanaian Girl Called Efia Grace Adom.

"Filla Gh _Still Lonely Song Story"
After a year of divorcing my ex wife i met another 19year old most beautiful Ghanaian girl called Efia Grace Adom ,I only saw her twice after she accepted my proposal the rest of the time I always go to her house looking for her since she don't have a phone And her father always tell me lies that she went out of the city yet her friends tell me she's around I just miss her only .

I really fell in love with that girl very much and I'm still looking for her and I know wherever she's,she's wondering why I just disappeared that's the reason why I had to do a song for her such that when I see her she's believe me that I been missing her and I had been looking for her but all to no avail .

On the 7th of March 2020 I was coming from my friend's place during late night hours after 10pm ,On my way home some big four bouncers just showed up in front of  me out of the blue and they just started beating me up ,they stabbed me in the face and took my phone and money around 500M I had in my pocket.I couldn't remember their faces I lost my sight for sometime ,I survived by the grace of God .

The Next Morning I tried calling my phone it was ringing and when the guy picked up the moment he heard my voice he hanged me up even though he once talked with my big sister and she told me he knows me very well ,Even my brother's wife told me the same story my big sister told me that's when I figured out it was a set up .

A lot of people in my circle didn't really like me, we were not in good books due to some misunderstandings I can't mention at the moment .And what made me do the song about that incident is that I was really heart broken because i spent expensive on my ex wife one everybody loved it and it had my half album #IamHungryForSuccessTheAlbum projects i was working on and some beats I paid a lot of money so it was a big loss to Me.

Usually whenever I go through something bad in my life in order to neutralize the pain and relieve myself from broken hearts I go to the studio make a song about it.

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Source: Simon Sarfo