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The ridge hospital has received a lot of backlashes from the public after a woman narrated her story on how she suffered for 9 months after one of their doctors left a huge towel in her after her caesarean-section.

The woman said that that wasn’t the first time she was undergoing a caesarean section, she had been gone through it twice.

However, this one just didn’t feel right and she never felt okay after she was operated at the Ridge Hospital in 2015.

She narrated the issue to Captain Smart on Accra-based Angel FM that she had been vomiting frequently and it looked so green like she had eaten raw green grass.

When she noticed that, she quickly went back to the Ridge Hospital because they operated on her and she was told there was nothing wrong with her stomach which she disagreed but went home quietly because nothing could be done about it.

Her situation grew from worse to worst as she began to grow very lean and small, she was scared because she did not experience this after any of her surgeries. She was alarmed and went to the Rock Hospital to tell a doctor her plight.

The doctor at Rock Hospital referred her back to Ridge but she told him that the doctors there had insisted that there was nothing wrong with her and consequently there was nothing in her stomach.

Looking at the poor woman who was fighting for her life, the Doctor at Rock decided to operate on her and find out what was wrong with her and it turned out that the doctor at the Ridge hospital left a huge towel in her stomach after the operation.

The towel was stitched to her stomach and that was why she was going through a series of pains, she complained that she could not even sleep on her left arm during those times.

Interestingly, the doctor at Ridge advised her to forget about the issue because the towel had been found and there was nothing wrong with her.

She said that he told her they had already wasted money on the surgery and going to the court will be another waste of time and money.

“The doctor told me that taking the issue would cost me a lot of money so since I’m alive I should forget about the whole issue”, she said.

Source: Mybrytfmonline/Gladys Amoah Konadu