Sarkodie Has Changed My Life, No More Negative Trending Revealed By - Akuapem Poloo

Sarkodie Has Changed My Life, No More Negative Trending – Akuapem Poloo
Usually when a person hears Akuapem Poloo, their first instincts are perhaps that, the actress and influencer has done something completely negative or behaved in an outrageous manner.
However, it seems we will now be experiencing a different side of her. In a video making rounds, Akuapem Poloo is seen confessing that she is now a changed being and henceforth, she will no longer trend negatively following her meeting Sarkodie.
According to her, she is not worthy of being endorsed by Sarkodie and after their photo together hit the internet, she trended positively for the first time since her debut and that has influenced her to trend on positive bases. She said;
“Now that Sarkodie has endorsed my brand, no more negative vibes again. I’m going to Trend positively. Sarkodie has changed my life. God used him.”
She expressed her appreciation towards Sarkodie and encouraged people to practice patience, since it was what made her meet the rapper and International act Cardi B.