Meet Issac Asiedu The Young Talented Pencil Artiste Putting Ghana On The Map


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Meet Issac Asiedu The Young Talented Pencil Artiste Putting Ghana On The Map

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Thursday, October 1, 2020 | October 01, 2020 WIB Last Updated 2021-01-26T09:15:49Z


Isaac Aseidu from Nsuatre in the brong ahafo region.

 Hewas born on the 14th of February 1994 and came to Accra in the year 2002 to live with his parents.He started developing interest in art at the age of 8years,when I started drawing human figures from news papers and magazines.

His parents didn’t give him the support because they said art is for those who didn’t have any job doing.His father especially discouraged him many times to stop and get something better to do.whiles his teachers in school were encouraging him to go higher.

He drew his first human figure in 2008,it was the late Junior Manuel Agogo and He had the privilege to meet him for the first time.. It gave him the moral to do more and more.through out the years that passed by and his teachers also gave him the opportunity to draw in their LESSON NOTE.He went to shs in cape coast to offered visual arts to get more knowledge and skills that is where he got the name (TREGA)because he was able to do the unexpected like details in his drawings) …He also started spending time on the Internet anytime He comes home from school.Many people took advantage of his talent to make money for themselves and failed to promote him.He decided to focus on the marketing aspect of art through all the social media platforms,He posted his works for people to see ..Being able to make a living out of artworks is a huge challenge but he knew his a hard worker and his perseverance will pay off. Becoming a professional artist is not a dream,it is a reality in the making.With the experience he has so far has given him the opportunity to yo meet and work for important personalities.He stated(To other artist out there I want to tell you guys keep up the good work, and the money you invested in your work will return within a shot and long term .The ups and downs in the job will make you stronger and efficient in the long run.Quoted(I could imagine myself doing greater things in future till I die.)

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  • Meet Issac Asiedu The Young Talented Pencil Artiste Putting Ghana On The Map

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