It is the dream of every upcoming artist to make it to the "top" or be among the highly rated artists in the nation.
Many upcoming or underground Artists, undoubtedly are blessed with great talent in music. But despite the great talent one possess, few of them are able to make it through to the "dream land".
In an interview this week on our platform with one promising upcoming artist Pappy Sebo

who happens to be a rapper, singer and songwriter, he hinted on some of the reasons why many underground artists tend to fail in their quest to succeed as a budding Artist in the nation.He made mention that the first factor is as a result of lack of financial support on the part of the artist. The reason being that, he stated "despite the fact that many platforms such as social media, radio, TV has become common in recent times of which artists can use to promote their music, they are not accessible if one does not have enough money.He added "after paying for your recording fee, you need to pay a blogger or promoter, pay the various DJs on radio stations for airplay and interview before your music gets the maximum 'airwaves' you presume to attain".
Emphasizing more on their challenges he expressed bitterness in the occasion where event organizers may book an artist to come and perform without offering him a even penny as a token for transportation or refreshment.Whilst on the other part, fellow underground artists also supportingly charge their colleagues for a collaboration just because of being a bit popular or having one or few hit songs.
Adding more to his out findings, he stressed out that the problem of 'pay before you are given opportunity to showcase one's talent kills the spirit of most artist and thus lack of money becomes a hindrance to the aspiration of one's dream as a successful artist.

Drawing conclusions on our conversation he urged various industry players to be lenient and considerate at certain points in time when dealing with them.
He drew our attention to the fact that he's not under any management after and has his door opened to any stake holder, Industry 'Guru', group or individual who maybe willing to invest in his career.
His last statement reads " should I get a little bit 'push' on my side, I'll jump myself up to the top".