Akrobeto has gone international again as he interviews a journalist from France.

Akrobeto interviewed French journalist, Gad Messika who works at France based www.sofoot.com.

On his UTV aired REAL NEWS, the comic actor made the French man Gad Messika laughed uncontrollably.

This time, he read in French. He talked about himself, the food he likes, the local team he supports among others.

Gad Messika understood and then read it fluently in French to his viewers before asking Akrobeto to read in English.

This is not the first time ‘Mr Who Knows Tomorrow’ has gone international.

Recently, he was been featured on Chelsea Captain César Azpilicueta’s Twitter handle.

Not long ago, he was also on a Spanish TV where he granted an interview causing laugher amongst the panel members of the show.

Watch the video below:

Source: Fillabase.com