Breaking News: Ghanaian Artist Khus Monarch Change His Name From Khus Monarch To Culz. Check Out Why

On the 12 November 2020 Ghanaian artist know has Khus Monarch visit his his social media page Twitter to be prescribe and he tweeted to his fans that,"I can see some people are finding it difficult to pronounce my name Khus Monarch so for the love of my fans I decide to change my name"

From Khus Monarch to (Culz) fans where suprise and ask him what does the name Culz means.

He said Culz means I am cul and humble, the artist was able to confuse his fans with his new name and his fans really love it so Culz formally known as Khus Monarch Change the name on all his social media platforms from Khus Monarch to Culz.

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