Ghana To Become First West African Country To Introduce VAR To Local League


Ghana To Become First West African Country To Introduce VAR To Local League

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The General Secretary of the Ghana Football Association Ghana Prosper Harrison Addo says the country is hoping to become the first West African nation to introduce Video Assistant Referees (VAR).

A few weeks ago, Ghana revealed plans to adopt the introduction of the technology into its domestic Premier League.

"Ghana football will soon witness the invention of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) to help boost our games”

"The European countries have started using VAR and it’s helping the football games on the field in on-the-field decisions and other incidents on the field. Some African countries have started such as Morroco, Egypt and in some cases South Africa’’.

"Ghana will soon become the first West African country to use VAR in our games after consultations, negotiation, and preparations are done. Everyone will see the implementation of VAR in Ghana." – GFA General Secretary said.

In agreement, Mr.Alex Kotey, the general manager of referees in Ghana said that the world governing body (FIFA) has targeted the next three years as the deadline for when member association should adopt the technology and that Ghana had rolled out plans to introduce VAR. He said in a lengthy speech saying;

"So, in the project planning, there are so many requirements that Fifa will demand from us which is in line with the club licensing regulations and so there’s nothing to fear. After the project planning, there’s another requirement where you have to engage the various stakeholders, like referees who are the main actors of this program’’.

"The VAR is in three models, that’s, VAR in a structure, VAR in a container, and VAR in a mobile van. For me, I’ll be biased and go for the van, and that is because it is movable so that anywhere StarTimes is covering a match, the VAR will be there to make their work very simple’’.

"When that is done, Fifa and Caf will give us all the necessary support that we need to actualize the project. Though we are going to bring VAR, we need to work on our referees because VAR is an aid to officiating and so referees should not be dependent on the VAR’’.

"We want everyone to catch the euphoria that VAR will soon come to Ghana with the support of the Ghana Football Association, Caf and Fifa." – he concluded.

Source;Sports News Insights