Ghana Witches Association finally release statement concerning December 2020 election [Read Information Here]


The President of the feared Ghana Witches Association [GWA] has finally released a statement concerning what will happen during the

December 7 polls 


According to them, there will be mayhem if Ghanaians don’t go by the directives they will provide and so we should make sure we don’t display stubborn attitudes.

 The elections is a straightforward one 

, we know who will win but we won’t disclose it else some people will die from shock so we want Ghanaians to take note and vote well. Don’t cause any confusion on that day else our spiritual soldiers will deal with you mercilessly or even turn you to a sacrifice for our gods and spiritual masters”

Why the witches union have taken a softer stance concerning the elections this time round is quite shocking as they are known to always use the elections to further their cabalistic desires and get lots of souls for their masters.

We hope they go by their word, and as a word of caution please wear your nosemask and observe COVID-19 protocols when you go to vote. When you are done if possible quickly leave the area and go home.