Kennedy Vrs Tracy Boakye: 88-year-old Grandmother joins the beef, reveals secrets and implications


Popular Granny who is called Bantama Abrema has finally dived into the beef that has awaken once again between Kennedy Agyapong and Tracy Boakye. Kennedy Agyapong over the weekend said that John Mahama used Ghana resources to buy a mansion for Tracy Boakye which is worth 45,000 dollars and for that matter Tracy Boakye wasn’t pleased with the comments Kennedy Agyapong made about her. Tracy Boakye came out and heavily fired and insulted Kennedy Agyapong for passing such a comment about her which is not even true.
Bantama Abrewa upon hearing the beef that has erupted between Kennedy Agyapong and Tracy Boakye again decided to join the beef and advised Tracy Boakye since she is too small to engage herself in a battle with an elderly man like Hon Kennedy Agyapong. Bantama Abrewa disclosed that she has been a young girl as Tracy Boakye is and there is not a time in her life that she insulted and engage herself in a fight with an elderly man. It is not good to use your body to get material things but even if you have got it, you don’t have to put it on display for the world to see it since it is not everyone who has been able to get what you have.