"He must be arrested" See what a man was caught doing to a lady inside a salon


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"He must be arrested" See what a man was caught doing to a lady inside a salon

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Thursday, November 12, 2020 | November 12, 2020 WIB Last Updated 2021-01-26T09:15:42Z

Looking beautiful and presentable to the general public comes with a lot of money to spend, just by being a lady or a man. And there are plenty of procedures you need to go through as a Lady before you can obtain the elegance and good looks you need, or identify as a South African Lady.


One of these processes is that you need to outfit yourself with a lot of resources, and you also need to look for a good saloon or boutique where you can be embellished by certain experts who are skilled in fashion and beauty. Don't just enter the Beauty Saloon to fix your hair, nail, manicure, or pedicure without thorough inspection of the Saloon. And you can wind up in the wrong hands, to your own detriment.

Today, on the other hand, the pain most African South ladies in the hands of certain hairstylists are so unbearable and nonsensical. And the problem with any of this hairstylist claiming to own the saloon is that they really have little work expertise, or have no experience with what Fashion and Beauty means.

And that contributed to the disheartening and disquieting Story of what a guy caught in Camera doing to a lady who had come to pierce her nose inside his saloon.


This time, as I stumbled across those disheartening, pitiful pictures of what a guy caught doing to a lady in his Hair Saloon afternoon. As seen in the posted pictures, the unnamed Lady was moaning and shouting at the peak of her lungs because of the intense pain she was going through, as when the guy mistakenly pierced her nose.

And that made me think whether some social people claim they know how to perform a work, they've never heard a curse for it.

According to the information gathered by the reporter, the unnamed Lady entered the Beauty Salon, claiming it would be a bad thing she saw on South Africa 's highways, and she decided to go and check it out, unknown to her. Her goals were clearly to pierce her nose. The amateur man used the incorrect instruments and mechanism to pierce his nose, and she continued crying for about an hour in immense agony.

He last had Patronizing the Guy who operates the saloon, but later it turned out to be at her disadvantage," Source said.

Furthermore, according to the source, the Lady's friends warned her to visit a good saloon where they only specialize in manicure and pedicure, but she insisted on patronizing the man. The man used a sharp needle penetrating her nose, which injured her. Adding that he was supposed to be imprisoned and punished.

So, girls, be cautious to visit a saloon close to yourself. Paying much money and having what you desire is better than spending little and then regretting it. And in my own view, I'm trying to claim that what this Ann has done needs him to be prosecuted because he claimed to be what he wasn't and threatened this Lady's existence.

What advice would you give if she were your girlfriend or sister? Below is what some said on the site.

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  • "He must be arrested" See what a man was caught doing to a lady inside a salon

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