Nigerian artist goes viral after making life-like drawing with pencil (Photos)


A super talented fine artist identified as Chubby Onyesoro, has amazed social media users with his exceptional life-like masterpiece.

Onyesoro who is a 3D pencil artist, shared a 4-in-1 photo on Twitter of one of his pencil arts and it captures the wonderful transition from inception to completion.

He drew a model who sat down in a crouch position and the image replica was astonishingly hyper-realistic as if it were real, except he did it in black and white.

In one of the photos, the model sat in front of the finished work to show how well detailed the piece is.

Sharing the photos, he wrote;

 “Hi My name is chubby onyesoro, I’m a Nigerian.
I’m a 3d pencil artist, this is one of my works…”

See more photos;

See his post:

Read some comments from social media users below

@NwadigoJohnpaul; Where did I go wen God was sharing d gift of drawing….I can’t even draw an eggroll.

@Jazzzie_: You guys definitely have the magic hands.. Like.. How do you even create this sort of amazing art. I can’t even draw an eraser.

@khykhelormur said: And I cant even draw a table without one leg longer than the others. This life no balance.

Source : Kinq Skyto