They buried coffin without body : family accuses widow " the wife" for burring empty coffin


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They buried coffin without body : family accuses widow " the wife" for burring empty coffin

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Sunday, November 15, 2020 | November 15, 2020 WIB Last Updated 2021-01-26T09:15:41Z


Funerals are well organized events within the Akans because it is believed to be the last time friends and loved ones sees the deceased before they are been sent to the cemetery for burial. They are usually organized in four days starting with Friday wake keeping and removing the body from the morgue, Saturday laying in state and afternoon donations, Sunday thanksgiving if the deceased was a church goer and worshiper of the Bible and Monday as the debt day and final day. It is in this regard that most funerals in Ghana are done. 

The Bretuo clan of Goaso traditional area was not left out of the normal funeral event as they sees themselves as Akans and in line to that, decided to use Friday the 13th of November to Monday the 16th day of November to bid farewell to their son and father Gyedu Kofi who was a business man operating from Sunyani, Tepa, Sankore and Kumasi in meat production and farm products. 

Kofi died in what the family believes to be an attack to his wealth and properties but couldn't single out who was responsible because to them, they had only speculations but not any hard evidence. Whiles some were blaming the competition within the market he Kofi operated in, others were blaming the wife in underground tones for conspiring with Kofi's enemies and plotting against him. Their speculations was due to the fact that, Kofi was more open to his family and the wife opposed to it so she silence the man by sending him to his creator so she can take control over his business and money. 

In regards to this that the family decided to make a little shake during the laying in state of Kofi before the burial. The family made specific incantations that if it is Kofi's time then he should go and sleep peacefully, but if the wife or anyone has hands in it, then he should use their home town ground which he will be buried on, and strike them all. 

The Abusuapanin of the Bretuo clan believes that their homeland is very powerful and anyone buried on their land if he died not a peaceful death, will strike everyone in connection with his death so the wife of Kofi been afraid if Kofi is buried on their homeland will kill her, switched the body from the coffin they placed Kofi in before the burial. The family believes the wife knew their plans of empowering Kofi before burial so she made plans and made sure there was a hidden coffin of the same type as the one they placed Kofi in. 

This is because, the boys who carried the coffin said the coffin they carried from the ambulance to the cemetery was light as compared to the coffin they carried to the ambulance on the funeral grounds. They believe the wife switched the body in the ambulance because no one was allowed to sit in the ambulance except the ambulance driver and his pallbearers whom the wife brought to carry her husband. And the ambulance left the cemetery to the city as soon as the boys carried the coffin out of the car to the burial grounds.

This revelations came to light this morning as the family were preparing to go church for Thanksgiving. They raised their pick and axe and shovels with the intention of going to dig the grave and see if in deed the body of Kofi was in but the town priest and elders of the town stopped the family that they have no right to invade the dead like that.

This has caused a wrath between the widow and the family this morning but elders of the town are in support of the wife and has called the family to order. Some believes the elders have been bribed by the influential wife in charge of her husband's wealth. 

Source : Opera News

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  • They buried coffin without body : family accuses widow " the wife" for burring empty coffin

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