Two needy but brilliant Senior High School (SHS) graduates in the Eastern Region


Two needy but brilliant Senior High School (SHS) graduates in the Eastern Region are appealing for financial support to further their education to enable them achieve their dreams.

The graduates – Irene Adobea and John Dankwa – are students of Adeiso Presby Senior High School and Oti Boateng Senior High School respectively.

Miss Adobea scored A1 in Government, Mathematics, Economics, Social Studies, Integrated Science and Elective Maths and scored B3 in English Language, B2 in Geography.

Master Dankwa, on the other hand, scored A1 in Social Studies, Mathematics (core), Integrated Science, Economics, Government, Maths (elect) and scored B3 in English Language and Geography in the 2020 West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

Master Dankwa, narrating the challenges he faced as a student whose parents were financially unstable, said though he never got the help he needed while in school, a good Samaritan showed up and came through for him.

“We don’t really have money, I lost my father while I was still young and it was my uncle who took care of me and he wasn’t financially stable.

“Sometimes I had to walk from home to school, but I also had the support from some teachers who believed in me and took care of me through to the day I wrote my final exam and by God’s grace, I have been able to excel,” he said with tears in his eyes.

Master Dankwa told Chief Jerry Forson on Adom FM’s morning show segment 

The Big Debate 

when the team visited the community that passing the WASSCE with such distinction was not the end of he matter, and, thus, called on the benevolent in society to support him to continue his education, else his dreams will be dashed.

Miss Adobea, on the hand, said due to financial challenges, she went to stay with her grandmother and at some point in time wanted to give up.

“Life has not been easy for me and my family. Sometimes, what to eat was a problem because my family had no money to feed me. And so it was one teacher who took me as a child and supported me and gave me money to eat because my family had no money, but with the support of my teachers, I pushed through and now this is the result,” she said while crying.

The students are calling on all to come to their aid so they get the needed support to continue their education.

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