Video - MP Busted Sharing Mosquito Coils, Rice, Soap And Ghc50 For Votes.


A photo of a lady displaying her share of the ‘gain’ from MP Madam Hawa Koomson as part of her campaignpackage .

According to the poster, the sharing is going on in the

 Akwele Newtown 

of the Kaso.

That isn’t the only ’embarrassing’ photo trending on the streets of Ghanaian social media today.

Another with a parcels of with NPP parliamentary candidate vying for another 4 years, surfaced.

In this package is some few sachets of washing detergent ( Omo ), cooking oil, a bar of soap, rice, matches, enapa sardines, and 2 notes of Ghc10.

Source : Kinq Skyto