Watch Video of a Crab that smokes cigarettes like Bob Marley


Wonders they said never end and that have been shown in a Crab, a semi-aquatic crustacean that puts on the characteristics of a human being.

In a video spotted by PARADISE NEWS couple of weeks ago, an unfamiliar scene was meted with a Crab smoking a cigarette.

Behaving like a human being, the crab was not only smoking, it was also seen taking the stick of cigarette into it bosom (hole).

The video which Our Reporter was perceived to have been taken from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, following the language being spoken in the background, had the crab in a frantic lifestyle that left everyone guessing.

The crab was dragging the burning cigarette with fire and squeezing the smoke out of it nostril, something believed to be done by only human beings.

It was holding the stick with it claws, smoking it profusely before taking it deep into it hole.


Source:Paradise news