We are not your children - Bukom Banku fires NPP government


We are not your children, you work for us. We are your employers and since you and your 120 plus subordinates can not do the job, we will fire you on December 7th.

Saying the President himself is not corrupt but his appointees are corrupt got to be the most dumbest statement. Who promised us a corruption free government? The President. Who has the power to hire and fire appointees? The President. Spare us those rhetorics.

It’s rather sad that the campaign message of the NPP is John Mahama. The whole plot is to throw as much dirt on the wall and hope that some of it sticks.Even the NPP people who comment on my posts do not know the message of the NPP. There is no message from the NPP. No message. The NPP should tell us what they will do for Ghana from 2021 - 2024 and stop promoting John Mahama. Nobody remembers any single highlights from the 2020 NPP Manifesto. Nobody remembers. But we remember the legalization of Okada, the $10 billion dollar infrastructure push. Keep on promoting John Mahama.

From Opera News