SHOCKING: Meet The Man who Resurrects From Death after spending 3 Days in mortuary

Meet The Man who Resurrects From Death after spending 3 Days in mortuary

The story of Life after birth, Heaven and Hell, and where we go after Death, has many explanations by various Religious believes. We all know the Ultimate is Death, but After Death what is next? In this Article we are going to look at a Nigerian Man who died and was in the Mortuary for 3 days and resurrected back to life. It sounds funny and unbelievable but it did happen as evidence and every record shows indeed, he died and was even put into the mortuary.

A man believed to be in his early 40’s shared his experience on what he saw with his own eyes after He died. He narrated it as follows. ” It was getting into the season of Christmas and I was driving on the highway all of a sudden a car crossed me and we collide, a that point I saw blood on my body and shirts, feeling severe pain all over my body, in no time I saw an Ambulance and saw my wife at the scene. I was put in the Ambulance together with my wife , in the Ambulance I saw two strange people in the car, it was later I got to realize they were Angels. I was trying to tell my wife about it, but they told me to keep mute.

In no time I saw myself leaving my body, and finally came out of my body and stood by my body, whiles they talk and my wife crying holding my hands. All that I saw was, I walking on a big path with no one, no house nor cars, it was just a big straight road, so finally I saw an old man and I asked him what is he doing here, then he asked me what am I doing here? I told him I had an accident and I don’t know where I am, He told me to come with him he will show me something, He took me to a place very beautiful and everything there was made of Gold, I asked him where is this place he told me its Heaven.

All the people there where in White, I saw Angels Singing and blowing Trumpet, the voice and the song they were singing were very nice, haven’t heard such a nice and melodies before, I asked him why are they singing and he told me that’s what they do every time, they are singing to praise God. I also saw another set of people also in White I asked about them too and he told me, those are the people who did Good on Earth, they are those who made it to Heaven.

A lot of people don’t believe the story of the Man, some don’t even believe the whole story, but records from the hospital who signed his death, The Mortuary he was, all these people came to testify, with signed Documents that indeed the man died.